Artbug is a digital ecosystem for museum goers to get personalized information on exhibitions and artworks being showcased around their area. It aims to foster dialogue and spark conversation amongst museum goers.


User Experience, User Interface

Published in Interaction for Designers by Brian Boyl


Market Research

Opportunities and Features

Develop Low Fidelity Prototypes

Perform Usability Tests

Reiterate Designs

Develop High Fidelity Wireframes and Microinteractions

How Artbug Works

Get notified on upcoming exhibitions based on your interest and buy tickets

Quick Check in

to museums

Bookmark works that you

like and get recommendations

for similar pieces

Highlight and check Artbug's dictionary for confusing terminology

Drop a voice memo or start a conversation by asking questions

to experts, the public or the

artists themselves.

Continue your experience back at home with forum discussions.

UX and Visual Design

UI, UX Design, Business Strategy

Product Design, UI Design, UX Design

UX Research, Service Design

Identity System

UI Design

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