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I took a JPL tour and learned that the interest in Science is very limited to a small pool of people in America. They are trying to reach out to audiences that are not typically into science. This problem really caught my interest and I decided to come up with a campaign to promote what JPL stands for.

IDEA : Most of the greatest inventions, from the early age flint stone, down to the ubiquitous iPads, have been the product of human curiosity. These have not been due to some technological marvels, or institutional findings, but the products of human efforts, steeped in curiosity and innovativeness. 


Personal Project

Fall 2017

Here are three spectacular examples of such profound scientific discoveries that came from simple, creative methods anyone could have followed — The Universal Law of Gravity, Buoyancy and Inertia.

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Similarly, JPL's history started with a few

Caltech students known as The Suicide Squad. This hypothetical exhibition shows the mechanical  offsprings of the Jet Propulsion Lab.

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