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Fred Segal's Shoppable Window

Fred Segal partnered with Mastercard to open an interactive Sunset Strip-themed pop-up shop in LA, which includes a shoppable window to allow customers to shop anytime, day or night. The immersive experience aimed to capture the history of Sunset Strip and offers stories, insights and memories from influential local minds. It has been dubbed a "Rock 'n' Roll Holy Land" and blends a vintage shopping experience with digital technology. My role here was to design a shoppable window to be consistent with the rest of the pop-up shop experience.

User Experience / User Interface

Art Director: Benjamin Tuffy

Lead Designer: Radhika Kashyap

Client: Fred Segal, Mastercard, Made Worn

Spring 2018


UX / Overview

Artboard 2.jpg

UX / Jukebox Experience


UX / Product Selection

After scrolling through product images, users can tap on an image to see the product item. 

Each item has a product description as well as a memoir on the artist it represents.


UX / Product Selection


UX / Mobile Checkout

After placing items in their shopping cart, users can make a purchase from their phone using a link that is sent to them via text message.


UX / Usability Testing & Rapid Prototyping

We conducted usability tests amongst people of various heights because of the size and the placement of the interface.

Problem: Difficulty in reaching the screen and CTAs

Solution: We reorganised the UI elements on the page and modified the size of the CTAs so that users of all heights would reach them comfortably.


UI / Selected Screens


UI / Illustrations

I made Illustrations with grunge vibe. These turned into micro-animations that are used throughout the shopping experience such as snapchat stickers and filters.


UI / Attraction Loop


Event / Gene Simmons was there!!

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