"Alexa, open Real Time Text"

In-call features for people with disabilities

Worked on UX and voice design. Our customer goal was to support total conversation (video feed + chat feed + keyboard) for customers who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech impaired.

RTT enables customers with speech impairments to type a message while on a video call. They can do this with an on screen or external keyboard. 

Call Captions enables customers with hearing impairments to view what others in the call are saying on screen. 

"Alexa, call family group"

Creating Alexa

groups for group


Worked on UX design. Group calling on Alexa allows customers to use Alexa-enabled devices for real-time conversations with multiple people inside and outside their household. 

"Alexa, Drop In on kid's room"


through the Alexa PC app

Worked on UX design. Our customer goal was to allow users to connect directly from their PC app to their Alexa devices and contacts. I worked on incorporating all Alexa communications features onto the PC app. Some key use cases include: Calling friends while multitasking on PC, Dropping In on the kids to make sure they are doing their homework and receiving Announcements from Dad to come down for dinner.

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