Amazon SSPA

Advertising Checklist 

Amazon SSPA promotes advertising programs to its Vendors. We designed new Ebooks and Web Pages that would help vendors and sellers optimize their use of Amazon's Ad Platform. They came up with a checklist that vendors and sellers can use to improve their advertising practices. My role in this project was to come up with an effective and engaging way to communicate this checklist across multiple mediums.

Editorial / User Interface

Art Director: Benjamin Tuffy

Lead Designer: Radhika Kashyap

Client: Amazon Marketing Services, Amazon Sponsored Products, Amazon SSPA

Spring 2018


UX Design


Amazon wanted the checklist to not only inform user but to inspire them and offer them avenues through which they could learn more about good marketing techniques.


With messaging needing to be straight forward and easy to understand, we broke down the the three goals (inspire, inform, offer) into three sections of the page.


My role here was to come up a creative concept that could be applied across the multiple assets, while adhering to Amazon’s Brand Guidelines.


We came up with the diagonal as a consitent graphic element. We noticed that Amazon’s current branding had alot of angular shapes and decided to take it up a notch and embrace it.

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